We have a dedicated team that process ALL DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL CHILD LICENSES.

Child Performance Licenses are required by law in order to allow any child to work.   If they are under school leaving age and taking part in :

Films, plays, concerts or other public performances that the audience pays to see, or that's take place on licensed premises.

Any sporting events or modelling assignments where the child is paid.

The first part of a license is done by the production company and the second part is done by the agent and parent together but its T4K who has the relationship with the council. Current legislation for license applications requires 21 days notice.   Every council use different processing times at their discretion.  We require certain information from the parent before we can make a valid application for a license to work. 

Supervision for the child
If the child won't be with their parent , school teacher or home tutor, they must be supervised by a chaperone approved by the council.  Chaperones can apply for approval from the council.

At T4K we manage all domestic and International Licensing needs